How to protect your system from external and internal threats?


How to protect our system?
Is there’s any protocol like how to protect them? In this article, we will see how to protect our system from external and internal threats. Before moving into this topic, let’s have a glance at Threats and types of threats such as external and internal threats.


The entity or an action that has the capacity to exploit a vulnerability. A Vulnerability is a bug or glitch in a software program or an operating system.

External Threats:

An external threat refers to the risk of somebody from the outside of a company who attempts to exploit system vulnerabilities through the use of different techniques.

Ex: Malicious software, Hacking, Sabotage, or Social engineering.

Internal Threats:

An internal threat refers to the risk of somebody from the inside of a company who could exploit a system in a way to cause damage or steal data. These kinds of threats are particularly troubling, as employees are expected to be trusted individuals that are granted extended privileges, which can easily be abused.

Ex: Saboteurs and Hacking.

Steps to protect your System?

● Avoid sharing your passcode with others because it may lead others also accessing your personal accounts.
● Avoid clicking on links within pop-up windows. Before clicking on the window make ensure that it’s a valid domain or not.
● Backup your data regularly and keep it in a safe place with encrypting features.
● Be aware of phishing scams.
● Be aware of free downloadable software, because they are various sites that offer customized toolbars or other features that appeal to users.
● Be aware of fraudulent websites and their cookies policies.
● Hide Your Admin Pages.
● Install A Web Application Firewall.
● Keep anti-malware protection and update them.
● Limit File Uploads Whenever Possible.
● Remove Form Auto-Fill.
● Turn on two-factor authentication everywhere it’s available.
● Tighten Up Control To Access.
● Update your software frequently.


In order to protect your system from threats, it’s important to understand what threats look like. We should ensure our safety and protection from unknown users and threats. If your safety operating system is weak, and attackers are able to break into the database and install harmful viruses, as well as steal our personal pieces of information. Therefore it’s highly recommended to install some powerful Firewalls so that we can able to view the network usage statistics.

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