DeepBlueCLI – PowerShell Module for Threat Hunting


DeepBlueCLI is an open-source framework that automatically parses Windows event logs, either on Windows (PowerShell version) or now on ELK (Elasticsearch).

Working with DeepBlueCLI

DeepBluCLI is available in Github. PowerShell must be run as Administrator and Please read the Set-ExecutionPolicy.

For a simple Process local Windows security event log:


You will definitely receive a “running scripts is disabled on this system” error.

Please run the below commands: For more details, Check  Set-Execution Policy Readme

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned – This will warn you every time you run a ps1 script.
Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass – This command will bypass Set-Execution entirely.
Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass – This command will help you with more options.

Some of the Sample Events with their Commands:

Event log manipulation:

.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\disablestop-eventlog.evtx

Metasploit native target (security):

.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\metasploit-psexec-native-target-security.evtx

New user creation:

.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\new-user-security.evtx


.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\psattack-security.evtx


DeepBlueCLI outputs in PowerShell objects, allowing a variety of output methods and types, including JSON, HTML, CSV, etc.
One of the familiar/easy formats is a GridView:

.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\psattack-security.evtx | Out-GridView

Windows Event Logs processed:

  • Windows Security.
  • Windows System.
  • Windows Application.
  • Windows PowerShell.

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Command Line Logs processed:

See Logging setup section below for how to configure these logs:

  • Windows Security event ID 4688.
  • Windows PowerShell event IDs 4103 and 4104.
  • Sysmon event ID 1.

Detected Events:

Suspicious account behavior:

• User creation.
• User added to local/global/universal groups.
• Password guessing (multiple logon failures, one account).
• Password spraying via failed logon (multiple logon failures, multiple accounts).
• Password spraying via explicit credentials.
• Bloodhound (admin privileges assigned to the same account with multiple Security IDs).

Command line/Sysmon/PowerShell auditing:

• Long command lines.
• Regex searches.
• Obfuscated commands.
• PowerShell launched via WMIC or PsExec.
• PowerShell Net.WebClient Downloadstring.
• Compressed/Base64 encoded commands (with automatic decompression/decoding).
• Unsigned EXEs or DLLs.

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Service auditing:

• Suspicious service creation.
• Service creation errors.
• Stopping/starting the Windows Event Log service (potential event log manipulation).


• lsadump::sam
• EMET & Applocker Blocks.


Other Events with Commands:

Event Command
Event log manipulation.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\disablestop-eventlog.evtx
Metasploit native target (security).\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\metasploit-psexec-native-target-security.evtx
Metasploit native target (system).\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\metasploit-psexec-native-target-system.evtx
Metasploit PowerShell target (security).\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\metasploit-psexec-powershell-target-security.evtx
Metasploit PowerShell target (system).\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\metasploit-psexec-powershell-target-system.evtx
Mimikatz lsadump::sam.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\mimikatz-privesc-hashdump.evtx
New user creation.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\new-user-security.evtx
Obfuscation (encoding).\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\Powershell-Invoke-Obfuscation-encoding-menu.evtx
Obfuscation (string).\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\Powershell-Invoke-Obfuscation-string-menu.evtx
Password guessing.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\smb-password-guessing-security.evtx
Password spraying.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\password-spray.evtx
PowerSploit (security).\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\powersploit-security.evtx
PowerSploit (system).\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\powersploit-system.evtx
PSAttack.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\psattack-security.evtx
User added to administrator group.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\new-user-security.evtx

Output Formats:

Output Type Syntax
CSV.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\psattack-security.evtx | ConvertTo-Csv
Format list (default).\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\psattack-security.evtx | Format-List
Format table.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\psattack-security.evtx | Format-Table
GridView.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\psattack-security.evtx | Out-GridView
HTML.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\psattack-security.evtx | ConvertTo-Html
JSON.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\psattack-security.evtx | ConvertTo-Json
XML.\DeepBlue.ps1 .\evtx\psattack-security.evtx | ConvertTo-Xml
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