5 of the All-Time Best First-Person Shooters


First-person shooters are the perfect time killers for people looking to pump themselves full of adrenaline and hack & slash their way through enemies, while on their way to glory. Over the years, shooting games have evolved from being simple on-screen aim and shoots to incorporating tactical gameplay where you have to think, devise plans and act accordingly before trying to take someone down. Popular AAA titles like Call of Duty or Doom are at the forefront of these action thrillers and we are just as thrilled to be noting them and others like them in our neat little listicle.

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Now, without further ado, let’s start listing down our top titles:

FarCry 3

The FarCry series has seen a blistering amount of sales. The games emphasize surviving in an unknown environment where the protagonist is, mainly, brought against their will. [MG1] FarCry 3 in particular is a game that takes place on a sunny, tropical archipelago, which starts by depicting our protagonist witnessing his friends dying at the hands of Vaas and his minions.

Vaas likes to showcase himself as a calm & collected villain but those who watch his personality unfurl soon realize that he likes to stay on the brink of insanity; having rage outbreaks, being unpredictable, and lusting for the torture of his enemies.

DOOM (1993)

First-person action games may never have come into existence if it wasn’t for DOOM and its explosive introduction of a completely new genre. Albeit, the 1993 version of the first game is nothing but grisly bits of blood, gore, and guns but it introduced a concept that would then cascade into an entire market.

A pioneer of its time, DOOM introduced the famous Doom Slayer and his quest to eradicate Earth and Hell of fiends that prove to be a menace to cull. Our titular protagonist does this by equipping himself with a large variety of guns, some small, only in size, others taking up his entire shoulder’s length and blasting his foes to smithereens. A fun game, if you enjoy wrecking carnage upon your foes.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends came late to the battle royale genre but still worked hard to solidify its status in the top four. Activision, the company behind AL, wanted to merge the cartoon-ey nature of Fortnite with the real-life depiction of Call of Duty to make a game that had the best of both of these. They hit bullseye with their design, character, and mechanics and popped out Apex Legends, which became an instant hit among gamers.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The Call of Duty franchise has hit highs and lows over the course of its presence of decades in the gaming universe. However, there’s one title from the company that has always hit home and that is Modern Warfare. Before the advent of this specific installment, COD usually banked on historical wars to provide the beef for their games. World wars, regional wars, and even the Balkan wars had all been showcased but with dwindling sales, COD decided to switch up their game with a touch of modern innovation.

Thus, Modern Warfare was introduced that made use of the dusty, rugged plains of Afghanistan & Uzbekistan to pitch players against one another and throw in modern-day guns & equipment. Even the uniforms were updated and he game received a visual overhaul to better appeal to gamers. This step proved incredibly fruitful, even without the need for tactics like modern warfare 3 boosting, as Call of Duty 4 became a massive hit for years to come.

BioShock Remastered

If there’s one game that does a brilliant job of merging horror elements with first-person shooters, it’s Bioshock. The game has a knack for using ridiculous names for its creepy villains too. There are big daddies, little sisters, and a wonderfully crafted story that is sure to grip players as they blast their way through the many gory missions.

There are quite a lot of corny jokes that have the player scoffing at the screen as they proceed to take down the next boss on their list. The game encourages players to think about their life choices and give in to having their character follow a dark path of self-realization. Be careful though, don’t let the scarily good narration get to your head, otherwise, you’d be in for a nasty BioShock.


That’s a wrap on our selection of games that can arguably be considered the best first-person shooters to exist. Almost all these titles can be found online, on sale, during the holiday season so be sure to check them out during that time. If you’re not much of a digital person then try checking out your local superstore for a copy of these.

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