Why New Casinos Are Winning Over Gamers


The online casino market has never been more competitive. With so many brands to choose from, it can be difficult for a casino to stand out from the crowd and offer a unique, attractive, gaming experience.

The good news for casinos is that they now have an arsenal of sophisticated tools at their disposal to attract new players and retain existing ones. Here are some of the ways in which online casinos are using technology to win over gamers:

Innovative slot games

Casino game developers are becoming incredibly innovative when it comes to embracing new technologies. Many slot games now have extended, high-quality animations during gameplay and slick, HD (and even 3D) graphics throughout. Meanwhile, bonus features (for example free games and jackpot rounds) are becoming increasingly innovative and exciting. It all helps enhance the gameplay and leads to a more immersive experience.

On a more basic level, advances in technology mean that slot games are now a lot more reliable and offer vastly improved performances. Speeds are improved and it is very unusual to experience any glitches or crashes.

Realistic live casinos

Thanks to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the live casino experience now authentically replicates visiting a real life casino. Players can now engage with the live casino in a number of ways, including handling the chips, spinning the roulette wheel and even dealing the playing cards.

In addition to this, players can now get more information than ever before when playing at live casinos. Statistics relating to previous games and other players are now extremely detailed, allowing you to make educated decisions on how to play.

Tailored marketing

If you have read our Playio Casino review you will know that some online casinos now use sophisticated marketing tools to segment their audience. This enables them to target specific customers with bespoke, appropriate marketing campaigns and exclusive promotions.

This segmentation may target new players, or players identified as being interested in certain game types or even specific slots. Operators who also run sportsbooks can offer marketing campaigns that target fans of local teams or specific sports that are popular in certain parts of the country.

This targeted marketing can also extend to VIP Clubs and loyalty schemes. If the casino’s data analytics identify a player as being a ‘high roller’ or a big fan of a certain game, they can tailor their VIP experience accordingly. Ultimately, it all helps create a more personalized gameplay experience.

Welcome offers

Online casinos have been offering welcome bonuses for a long time. Traditionally, these bonuses would take the form of deposit bonuses, free spins, or cashback offers. However, casino marketing departments now have more innovative tools at their disposal. Many sites now give new players a choice when it comes to their welcome bonus

You can now find new (and existing) player offers that give you the chance to win exclusive prizes such as holidays and ‘meet and greet’ experiences. It all helps the casino offer a unique experience and attract new customers.

Responsible gambling

Safe gambling is fundamental to your enjoyment of online casinos, and thanks to advances in technology, sites can now provide you with a range of tools to help ensure you stay in control of your gambling. You can now set limits on the amount of money you spend over a certain time period, the maximum stake you can play and the time you are active on a site. Additionally, you can even opt to self-exclude for some time.

It all helps ensure you are gambling responsibly and enjoying your gameplay, without developing any bad habits.

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