What is the procedure for trademark registration in Dubai?


Trademark registration in Dubai is an important and fundamental step for every business. It helps to protect their brand individuality and intellectual property rights in this energetic market. Trademarks are actually unique brand names, signs, or logos used to identify a specific company. With Dubai’s location, and thriving economy, it is mandatory to safeguard your trademarks to prevent unofficial use by others.

The trademark ensures that the companies cannot replicate or copy your trademark. The government of Dubai itself holds the authority to provide the trademarks. The certified authority in Dubai is the Ministry of Economy that controls trademark registration, renewal, and termination. In this article, we will see the procedure for trademark registration in Dubai.

1.     Verification

The initial step in the procedure of trademark registration in Dubai is the verification of the name, symbol, slogan, or logo. It is mandatory to make sure that the name, symbol, slogan, or logo is available. Make sure that a similar one has not already been registered by someone else. This is checked by the Ministry of Economy in Dubai.

2.     Fill Out the Online Application Form

The second step is the fundamental one. It is also the simplest and a lot easier. But it must be done with the most precision and cautiously, or else one error will call off your trademark registration. In this phase, the steps are;

  • log in to the Official website of the Ministry of Economy of UAE.
  • fill in all the required fields to enter your company’s details.
  • Select ‘Services’ on the website’s homepage.
  • Select the ‘e-Services’ option that will appear from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the option ‘Trademarks’ from the Services page.
  • Click ‘Trademark Registration’ under New Applications. After that, you will be redirected to the new page.
  • Fill out the required fields of the application form and upload the obligatory documents.

After filling up your company’s details cautiously, you must recheck the form at least a couple of times before submitting it to ensure accuracy and precision.

3.     Pay the fee

After the submission of the online application accompanied by the obligatory documents, you must pay the legal payment fee. After that, the Ministry of the Economy will examine the trademark. This evaluation will result in either approval or rejection. In the event that the trademark is rejected, a complaint may be filed. It should be done within 30 days to the Trademarks Committee.

4.     Publishing in Newspaper

After paying the legal fees, the next step is to get the approval. The authority will publish your document in two dissimilar newspapers. This publication will announce and check if anyone has any opposition to the approved trademark. If anyone raises any objection, they should file a complaint within 30 days of publishing the application in the newspaper.

5.     Final Registration

If the Ministry of Economy has not received any objections or complaints within 30 days, you will be awarded a successful registration certificate. It includes;

  • Registration number
  • Date of the application
  • Business Owner’s name
  • Trademark and the report of the goods and services.

This trademark is only for Dubai, and this will not work in any other state or country.

What are the obligatory documents for trademark registration in Dubai?

The obligatory documents for the trademark registration in Dubai are;

  • A Notarized Power of Attorney all for Property. (If from a foreign company, it must be legitimate up to the Dubai Embassy).
  • Emirates ID or Passport Copy of the Director of Management.
  • A copy of the Company’s trade license.
  • A good picture of the Mark or trademark logo in PDF or JPG format.
  • List of goods or services to classify from which groupings it fits.

What is the Trademark Registration Cost in Dubai?

The Trademark Registration Cost in Dubai is;

  • The Filing fee is AED 750
  • The Registration fee is AED 5,000.00
  • The Publication in the trademark journal is AED 750
  • The Cost of Registration for one class is AED 7,250.00


Trademark registration is an essential part of the businesses. It is important to know how the trademark is registered and the process. Businesses must be aware of the above-mentioned amount that one has to make payment of during the process and when the online procedure is over what all offline necessities to be fulfilled for the announcement of the trademark. For any guidance, Farahat & Co…. is one of the leading firms that helps businesses deal with all issues effectively. Their proficient team is always ready to give top-class guidance and supervision to handle the trademark registration process for the business.

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