What do analysts have to say about the XRP predictions?


XRP is a digital token used by Ripple Labs, an American tech company known as the creator of the payment protocol of the same name, to facilitate the transaction flow on the network. It is quite popular among investors and is recognized for its ability to act as a store of value amid price fluctuations. Its parent company has gained a reputation for the creation of solutions that can mediate issues pertaining to global payments, including payment settlements and remittances. The company is older than Bitcoin by several years and was launched with a similar goal in mind: to develop a more secure and accessible way to process global transactions.

The difference is that the system was centralized, a characteristic that sets it apart from the other cryptocurrencies that are located on the blockchain and operate as fully decentralized assets. Currently, XRP presents itself as a decentralized holding, but some investors see its corporate backing as an indicator that this is not entirely the case. Nonetheless, many investors are committed to investing in the coin and, as such, are interested in XRP price prediction figures and the indications they can provide to build stronger and more resilient portfolios.

Downswing trend 

Since the beginning of April, XRP has been on a descending trend alongside the rest of the cryptocurrency market, something that the community considers to be the result of whale distribution and the possibility of three interest rate cuts throughout the year. There are also indications that the current plunges are the result of the March peak rates, meaning that the current downgrades are nothing more than standard retracements.

The macroeconomic data plays a part as well, with investors reevaluating the implications of the US manufacturing data and the choices of the Federal Reserve regarding the interest rates. The manufacturing index issued by the ISM, the Institute for Supply Management, went from 2.5 to 50.3 in March, ending a 16-month-long spell of decreased manufacturing activity. And while many believe that the initial prediction of three interest rate cuts in 2024 remains valid, some investors are convinced that their number may have been reduced to only two.

As a general rule, lower interest rates are beneficial for coins such as XRP as they become more attractive than assets that bear interest during this timeframe.

Moving average 

As of April 16th, XRP is under the influence of a bearish trend, and the 50-day moving average is continuing on a downswing path. Since the 11th of April, the 200-day moving average has been pointing downward as well, reinforcing the idea that the current market trend is decidedly bearish. Yet, when looking at it from a weekly perspective, XRP has maintained a bullish trend that goes above the current price point, something that could act as resistance in the future. It also serves to remember that the histogram shows no signs of a bullish or bearish divergence.

The relative strength index remains positioned between 30 and 70 in the neutral zone, and it is also more likely than not that this trend will continue for a while, providing investors with a constant figure for their trading, buying, and selling plans.

Whale investors 

In the crypto world, whales are investors with a lot of capital at their disposal whose market movements have the potential to destabilize prices and cause serious shifts in value rates. It is no coincidence that the drop in XRP paralleled a reduction in the number of addresses that contain the most significant number of assets. Those who own more than 100,000 XRP went down by 1.13% since the beginning of the year, a change that indicates the whales are either redistributing their assets across several other addresses or selling large amounts altogether.

But the same sentiment seems to be echoed by the smaller investor community as well, meaning those who hold anywhere between 100 and 10,000 tokens in their digital wallets. These traders are commonly referred to as “fishes,” and the fact that they choose to join forces with the whales and sell significant amounts could affect the general market perception and lead to modifications in trader interest and engagement rates. What’s interesting is to see the rise of micro investors, those who own around ten coins or a number slightly above that.


The warning signs that a bearish trend lies ahead have become prominent since earlier this year, in January, when there was an initial indicator pointing toward a bear flag pattern. This trend signifies the continuation of a bearish movement that can only be solved when the price breaks down decisively. At the time, the RSI was positioned around 40, a neutral position but with the potential for further losses along the way. And while March was a very good month for the crypto environment, April has been less positive so far.

Whale movements were signaled by those who keep an eye on these investors as well, with tens of millions worth of XRP being moved to various wallets, often in a single transaction. The timing of the transfers is perfectly aligned with the distribution of the XRP assets and the shift the market has been navigating. There were also sell-off risks you must take into consideration, given the action of the bearish setups. So far, there has been no indication that a spot ETF based on XRP will arrive on the market anytime soon, something that is quite likely to dampen the enthusiasm of many traders, even if only momentarily.

Although these figures might not look promising from an investor perspective, it’s important to remember that the crypto world is rife with fluctuations and changes. No trend is forever with crypto, and XRP is no exception. As such, while things might not be looking their best right now, the downward trend isn’t forever, and you should be ready for the time it changes.

As always, make sure your strategy is solid but flexible at the same time to enjoy positive outcomes in both the short and the long term.

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