Types of EVIL ENERGY Fitting Accessories


It seems that EVIL ENERGY is a brand that produces various types of fittings and hoses for fuel lines and oil coolers. Some of the fittings they produce include AN fittings, PTFE hose end fittings, and aluminum fittings. They also produce nylon braided hose kits.

Quality of EVIT Energy Products

Evil energy is a company that specializes in manufacturing auto parts, including fuel hoses, oil catch cans, and fittings. The company emphasizes innovation and excellence in its products, targeting the car modification enthusiast market. EVIL ENERGY products are backed by a 3-6 month warranty and comprehensive customer service commitments, reflecting the company’s belief in its products. Customer reviews and product demonstrations highlight the impressive build quality and durability of evil energy website products, such as the inline fuel filter and PTFE fuel hose. The company’s focus on quality and cost-effective accessories, along with its commitment to customer support, suggests a dedication to providing reliable and durable auto parts.

How to install evil energy fittings

One video shows the installation of -6 PTFE hose and fittings on a 1965 El Camino. Another video shows the installation of PTFE fuel hose and AN fittings on a C5 Corvette. These videos may provide some guidance on how to install EVIL ENERGY fittings, but it is recommended to consult a professional mechanic or follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation.

How to Choose an auto parts manufacturer that develops products independently

When choosing an auto parts manufacturer that develops products independently, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Quality and Innovation

    Look for manufacturers that prioritize quality and innovation in their products. Independent manufacturers often focus on creating unique and high-quality parts that meet industry standards.

  • Reliability and Support

    Consider the manufacturer’s reliability and the support they offer. This includes factors such as warranty, customer service, and the manufacturer’s commitment to standing behind their products.

  • Market Research

    Conduct thorough market research to identify the specific products you wish to manufacture and the potential demand for these products. This will help you understand the market and make informed decisions about the types of parts to produce.

  • Sales Channels

    Determine the sales channels for your products. This can include selling to large auto manufacturers as an OEM or as an independent vendor through various channels such as auto retail stores, e-commerce portals, and exclusive websites.

  • Raw Material Vendors

    Identify reliable raw material vendors for the manufacturing process. This is crucial for ensuring the quality of the end products.

Step by Step Guideline to Book Evil Energy

There are some videos and customer reviews available on Amazon that provide guidance on how to install and use EVIL ENERGY products, such as the nylon braided hose kit and AN PTFE hose end fitting. The company’s website provides information on their products, including the PTFE fuel hose and oil catch can, as well as their warranty and customer service commitments. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional assistance for proper installation and use of EVIL ENERGY products.

Choices in Fuel Hose Fitting Adapter

When it comes to choosing fuel hose fitting adapters, there are several options available from different manufacturers. These options provide a range of choices for fuel hose fitting adapters, each with its own features and benefits. When selecting a fitting adapter, it’s important to consider factors such as the application, compatibility with the fuel line, and the specific requirements of the fuel system.

  • EVIL ENERGY Fuel Hose Fitting Adapter

    EVIL ENERGY offers weld-free construction fittings that provide better fluid flow and integrity over normal brazed hose ends. Their swivel fittings are easy to use and do not require welding.

  • Nylon Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Line Fitting Adapter Kit

    This kit includes a 3/8 6AN fuel line hose with swivel fuel hose fitting adapters. The hose features a lightweight nylon fiber outer braid with a CPE inner liner and a maximum pressure rating of 350 psi.

  • JEGS High Performance Fuel Line Fittings & Hose Connectors

    JEGS offers a wide selection of fuel line connectors, including push-lock fittings and bulkhead fittings. They emphasize the importance of choosing high-quality fittings that match the fuel line and system requirements.

  • Understanding Fuel Line Fittings

    Fuelab provides information on different types of fuel line fittings, including adapter fittings, port fittings, and pipe fittings. They discuss the use of O-ring seals and the importance of using compatible fittings to ensure safety and reliability.

The warranty policy for evil energy products

The warranty period varies depending on the product, ranging from 3 to 6 months. The company’s website does not provide detailed information on the warranty policy, but it emphasizes its commitment to customer service and support. Customers who face any problems with their products are encouraged to contact the company for assistance. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s website or contact their customer service for more information on their warranty policy.

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