The Impact of Copyright Infringement on Your Brand: How to Stay Compliant with Image Use


Have you started a new brand and want it to stay in the market for a long time? If yes, you should always avoid copyright infringements. 

Usually, many small and new brands need more budget to hire professional designers and content creators, so they rely on others’ content. Although this practice is acceptable in the digital world, you must know its limitations. Otherwise, your brand will have to pay a massive amount.

If you need to learn the impacts of copyright infringements, read this article till the end. It will not only help you learn the effects but also enlighten you about the best practices for using others’ images without getting copyright strikes.

So let’s start!

Impacts of Copyright Infringements

Copyright infringement can affect your business in multiple ways. For example, you may face hefty penalties, imprisonment, or lose credibility. 

Let’s learn what the consequences of copyright infringement are. 

Heavy Penalties

Uploading others’ digital content without consent or attributing the actual creator can lead businesses and other websites to heavy penalties. Almost every country has copyright laws built to protect the creative work of individuals and companies. And the relevant authorities also implement those laws.

Suppose a person is found guilty of using others’ copyrighted content, whether music, digital images, or written content, they may have to pay a considerable amount for compensation. That amount can be up to $250,000, depending on the severity of the offence. No new business with less budget can afford that much penalty. Of course, the amount may be reduced if the other party agrees to less than that. However, the defendants have to pay some amount for the offence. That’s why brands must avoid copying others’ content for their activities.


Willful infringements can also lead people to criminal penalties. If the relevant authorities find that the copier has done it deliberately, they may send the offender to prison. John M. Harris of Maryland, United States, went to jail for six months for copyright infringement.

Many other people also went to jail for similar offences. So, copyright laws are not only built to threaten people, but authorities also implement them whenever they find the crime is done deliberately.

Loss of Credibility and Reputation

And lastly, the brands can also lose their credibility and reputation in their respective markets due to copyright infringements. Once the consumers discover that the company is using unethical and illegal activities for its brand promotion, they may not trust it again.

Usually, consumers try to purchase products and services from companies that use only ethical ways and do not harm others for their gain. So, those companies that frequently and willfully steal others’ content immediately lose their reputation and clients. Therefore, as a brand owner, you should always try to avoid it and protect your reputation.

Coming to the second question!

How to Stay Compliant with Image Use?

There are three different ways to stay compliant with image use. Here they are!

Get Assistance from Reverse Image Search

Image search engines are beneficial for getting ideas or copyright-free images for your brand. Usually, some new brands need help to afford to hire professionals to design pictures for every blog, social media post, and advertisement. They can utilise photo search engines for that purpose.

The image reverse search facilities are designed to help people locate more relevant and similar images using the images as input queries. For example, if you have a copyright-protected image and want a free alternative, you can use an image search facility. It will look into the internet and present a lot of similar photos. Analyse them, and you will find less useful and royalty-free images from them.

Create Content Yourself

The best way to avoid copyright infringement’s consequences is always to create content yourself. Hiring professionals or freelancers to create content for your brand is always better. Even if you pay some money to them for their services, they are still more economical than paying penalties, going to jail, or losing your reputation.

Moreover, professionals can bring more diversity and create relevant content that can impress consumers and complement your brand values, especially regarding designs and images.

Use AI Content Creation Tools

If you have some unique ideas for your content, you can also use AI tools. Multiple AI content creation tools can be very helpful to you. For example, if you want to create images, you can use Dall-E 2, Mid Journey, or NightCafe. Similarly, for written content, you can try ChatGPT or Jasper. Finally, for video content, you can also try Pictory, Synthesia, or InVideo.

All these AI tools can help you create any content you want with just a few prompts. So, utilise them instead of using protected content from anywhere. 

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