The Hidden Dangers of Roblox


Is Roblox safe for kids? It has become one of the common questions that parents would often ask about this game. Like many social games out there, Roblox is slowly growing into a platform where the kids can do something beyond playing the minigames alone.

The kids would often chat and make a community inside Roblox, and this became concerning for most parents. As this game is very centralized for kids at such a young age, who knows what danger might be exposed from it.

People can easily make an account in this game and specifically target kids for harmful purposes. Seeing how horrible the risk could potentially be, parents become more concerned about the social games that their kids are playing, including Roblox.

In this article, we’ll explain the safety of this game and several tips parents can do to make their kids safe online.

What is Roblox?

There are so many safe kid games out there, and Roblox is certainly one of them. When used as intended, Roblox can be a very fun game where the kids can basically play all the minigames they want to try.

They can use the chat function to talk with friends or try the games that were made by the other users. It all sounds good and fun when you exclude the potential risks behind it.

How Safe is Roblox?

Is there a safe way for kids to play Roblox? Sure, there are. However, parents do need to keep in mind that by default Roblox already poses several security risks that come with the chatting function.

The criminals might use it for scamming and phishing. Meanwhile, the kids might also experience cyberbullying from other players or even bigger problems, such as the existence of online predators.

Several cases of cyberbullying and sexual harassment that happened in Roblox surely made any parent extremely worried. Although Roblox has taken action by banning the involved individuals for life, the danger is still there.

So, what parents can do in this situation is to take a direct approach to prevent bad things from happening to their children.

How Parents Can Help Their Kids Play Roblox Safely

The Roblox for kids is extremely popular, and that’s the reason why the kids can’t simply get their hands on it seeing how addictive it can be. But, in order to make the kids safe online, parents can do some things, including using spy apps.

Just as the name tells you, the apps are made for spying or monitoring somebody. You can always use it to monitor your kids’ online activities and make a proactive way to prevent them. One of the best spy apps we’d like to recommend is Eyezy, and it can deliver some useful benefits, such as:

  • Blocking Roblox completely
  • Set the screen time for Roblox
  • Taking pictures of what Roblox games the kids are playing

It is not an app just to spy on iphone through wifi. It is very useful parental tool to prevent the negative influence of the internet on children. However, before explaining why is Roblox so bad for the kids, parents should also inform them about the potential danger that might meet when playing the game. They have to know about all the possible risks that might be exposed to them and the ways to prevent them.


So, is Roblox safe for kids? The suitable answer to this question varies. Roblox as a game is just a platform where the kids can make premade games, that’s it. What’s dangerous is the ability to chat with others, which seems to be not good for the kids.

Therefore, parents should be able to protect their kids by doing regular monitoring using spy apps. With them, the parents will know about what games the kids are playing, the sites they’ve been visiting, and many more.

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