Innovative Technology in the Production of Products


While CBD and other cannabinoids have been used for many years, the CBD market itself is still very young. As time goes on, there are many different developments that are occurring. Technology is changing how CBD oil is manufactured, how it is used and the different forms that it can be made into. Recently, there have been some developments in the production of CBD capsules. These developments will help people truly benefit from the use of CBD in their daily lives.

Liposomal CBD Capsules
Liposomes are natural compounds that are found naturally in every cell of our bodies as small bubbles that transport things inside of them. The CBD industry is starting to utilize this technology for better bioavailability. In a CBD product, the liposomes will protect the CBD in them from any digestive enzymes that are present in the body. Our body recognizes these liposomes, so they begin to absorb them. Once inside of the cells of your body, this is when the CBD will begin to be released into the body. Depending on the product, the CBD bioavailability can be three times higher.

Technology Behind CBD Products
If you’re going to purchase a CBD product and have opted for something that utilizes liposomal technology, you should be aware that the dose that you need might not be the same as what you’re used to. Many people find that they can take far less CBD than they normally do. This can save you money, you can feel your best and truly reap the benefits of CBD.

High Tech Extraction Techniques
CBD can be extracted from the hemp plant a number of ways. The most affordable way to extract it is by way of chemical solvents. This isn’t preferred by a lot of people though, as chemicals are something many people want to avoid ingesting. The method of CO2 extraction is extremely safe, and it provides a very high quality and potent CBD extract.

High-quality CO2 extraction utilizes a variety of temperatures that will provide selectivity that results in superior CBD extracts. This is a non-toxic process that is very natural, and the FDA recognizes it as being safe. Not to mention, the carbon footprint that is experienced is minimal.

CBD Gel Tabs
CBD gel tabs contain CBD that has been extracted using the CO2 method. The extract is mixed together with a carrier oil, and then it is packed in a casing that is easy to break down in the body. This is a great product to try out if you’re not a fan of the natural flavor of CBD and hemp products.

It’s also a really simple way to ensure that you’re getting the exact dose of CBD that you want. A gel tab is airtight, rather than a capsule which is usually two separate pieces that are joined together in the middle. The shelf life will be much longer when you invest in a gel tab, and this means you can rely on the potency a lot more.

Bottom Line
It doesn’t matter if you’re new to taking CBD products or you’ve been taking it for a while. It’s always a good idea to keep up on the latest developments in the industry. This will help you pick the right products that are going to help you accomplish the health benefits that you’re looking for. CBD capsules are extremely beneficial when you’re choosing a high-quality product at online stores, so a little bit of research is necessary before you make a purchase.

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