How to Convert PDF into Word, JPG or Excel Easily


Sometimes you need to quickly convert a PDF file to Word, JPG or Excel. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks thanks to which we can do it in the blink of an eye. Here’s a way to easily convert PDF files that will help you in your daily work or when you need to quickly share content in a different format. We invite you to discover the secrets of file conversion!

Key Ways to Convert PDF Files: From PDF to Word, JPG and Excel

In the world of digital documents, there are many cases where it is necessary to transfer information contained in PDF files to other formats. The article presents three main possibilities for transforming such files:

  • From PDF to Word – allows text editing and formatting in a practical text document format;
  • From PDF to JPG – allows you to obtain images from a document, making it easier to export single pages or charts;
  • From PDF to Excel – offers the ability to work with tables contained in PDF in spreadsheets.

For each of these conversions, two popular methods are presented: using websites (by entering appropriate keywords in the search engine, such as “PDF to Word online” or “PDF to JPG online”) and computer software (e.g. SwifDoo PDF).

It is worth remembering that when using online tools, we expose ourselves to the risk of losing the privacy of our data. Therefore, it is recommended to use the software installed on your own computer if PDF files contain sensitive information.

How to convert PDF to Word

We know that sometimes you need to quickly convert a PDF file to Word format, especially when you want to edit the document or change its layout. To do this, you can use many free online tools such as Smallpdf, iLovePDF or SwifDoo PDF online tools.

Very often, all you need to do is drag the PDF file onto the page and wait for automatic conversion. However, remember that the quality of conversion depends on the quality of the source file and the tool we use.

How to make Word from PDF using computer programs

If we do not want to use online tools, we can use programs installed on our computer. If we have a Microsoft Office environment, we can use Word, which allows us to open PDF files. Once we open the file in Word, we will still need to perform the conversion. Just click File > Save As and then select the docx format. If you don’t have Microsoft Office, you can still use SwifDoo PDF program, which also has built-in PDF to Word conversion options.

How to make JPG from PDF

Another popular question is how to turn PDF into JPG, i.e. how to transform a PDF document into a graphic format. Many Word conversion tool providers also offer PDF to JPG conversion.

You can also use dedicated graphics conversion programs such as GIMP, IrfanView or Photoshop, which offer options for importing and exporting PDF files as graphics.

How to make Excel from PDF

Spreadsheets are another format we sometimes need when converting PDF files. Many PDF to Word conversion tools also have the option to convert files to Excel format. Please note that this process can be more complicated because converting tables from PDF files often requires additional checking and correction of the results.

Automatic conversion does not always transform the table correctly, so it is worth spending time checking and making any corrections.

Convert PDF to Word using mobile apps

When we need to quickly convert a PDF file on a mobile device, we can use applications for smartphones and tablets that are dedicated to converting PDF files. Examples of such applications include Adobe Acrobat Reader and SwifDoo PDF for iOS.

These applications are available for both Android and iOS platforms, and their functioning is very simple – just load a PDF file and choose the option to present it as a .docx file or other target format.


When discovering the tricks of converting files from PDF to Word, JPG or Excel, we now have many options to choose from. When we want to convert our PDF file to another format, we can use online tools, computer programs and even mobile applications.

It is important to choose the right tool for our needs, and also bear in mind that the quality of conversion may vary depending on the technologies used. Additionally, it is worth remembering that in the case of conversion to Excel, you may need to spend time checking and correcting the results.

The methods given above can convert PDF to Word, JPG and Excel, however, the conversion itself will rarely generate a perfect file, it all depends on the PDF file you want to convert and edit.

Using websites is the simplest, it does not require installing additional software and you get good results. Opening a PDF file in an office suite is only possible if the PDF file is very simple, any more complex one will mess up the formatting of the document.

The best way is to purchase a paid subscription to Adobe Acrobat or SwifDoo PDF Pro and edit the PDF directly instead of converting it. This is the only way to edit a PDF in the same way it was created, you can also find font for a PDF with ease.

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