Going Viral on TikTok: Unleash Your Potential with Smart Content Tactics


Since TikTok is a wider platform to increase brand awareness, expand the reach, create more leads, and boost sales, more brands are planning to go viral on TikTok. Most creators or brands look forward to accessing more and more TikTok followersand other forms of engagement to show popularity on their TikTok account and boost their engagement level organically. However, you can get fame without investing in paid promotions or strategies.

You will be glad to know that it doesn’t require a heavy or a special budget, but some smart content techniques that comply with TikTok’s algorithm and terms of services. In this post, you will learn how to create content and combine your content ideas with other social media tactics to go viral on the platform.

First, understand the TikTok algorithm

On TikTok, the algorithm prefers content based on user engagement and preferences instead of followers or popularity. This means that you can go viral on the platform no matter whether you have a solid follower base, or you are a new creator on TikTok. For this, you need to understand and use the algorithm appropriately and effectively.

TikTok’s algorithm, powered by AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning), regularly analyzes user behavior to create a customized FYF (For You Feed) for each user. It examines the videos they watch, share, comment on, and like. When any user opens this app, the algorithm instantly assesses their behavior like which types of videos they interact with, their watch hours, and the soundtracks they access.

This gathered information is then used by TikTok to offer users a feed of entertaining, informative, and engaging videos. The algorithm considers several factors when determining which video to show viewers in the FYF or FYP (For You Page). These factors include –

Video quality and completeness

TikTok prioritizes high-quality videos that keep viewers engaged from start to finish. Videos with excellent production and appealing visuals are more likely to be suggested by the algorithm.

Video information

Additional information provided while uploading a video helps the algorithm learn the video’s context and content. It includes information provided through descriptions, captions, and hashtags.

App usage patterns

The algorithm also pays attention to the time of the day viewers use the TikTok app and their usage frequency. Thus, understanding the app usage patterns of your target audience will allow you to strategically plan your content strategy for maximum reach.

Account and device settings

The algorithm also takes into account users’ language preferences, device type, and country settings. However, they get a lower weight in the TikTok recommendation system compared to other data points.

Interaction with influencers and trends

Active participation in the TikTok community and consistent interactions with the content can improve the possibility of appearing on users’ FYF. The algorithm considers TikTok’s interactions with other users and influencers. Later, it uses that information to suggest videos that users will find relevant to their preferences.

User preferences

The algorithm learns from users’ personal preferences and customizes their FYF accordingly. Thus, consistently engaging with the kind of content users enjoy will be highly beneficial.

Viral content   

TikTok prefers trending and new content. By leveraging the latest TikTok trends, you can enhance the chances of being suggested to a broader audience.

Effective content strategies to boost TikTok popularity

  1. Create authentic content

TikTok users are more attracted to genuine and relatable content. So, create high-quality and shareable content that resonates with your target viewers. It allows your viewers to engage with your content and share it with others, thereby improving visibility and boosting virality.

  1. Try different video formats

Never stick to a specific content format, instead, experiment with different formats of videos. Try uploading interesting videos of storytelling, tutorials, and challenges. When viewers find unique content on your channel, they will feel engaged. Moreover, it will help you to serve the audience of different preferences and attract a broader audience.

  1. Schedule your content

Maintaining a consistent posting schedule is important to reach the target audience, improve visibility on TikTok, and gain better engagement. Use a reliable social media scheduler to post more often on the platform without any delay.

  1. Use hashtags

Your content will be incomplete if you don’t add trending hashtags as they can heavily impact your content’s discoverability and appearance on the platform. Use hashtags that are popular and relevant to your videos. Don’t forget that overusing hashtags or using irrelevant ones can harm your visibility. Your content’s relevance and quality must take precedence over the total number of hashtags used.

  1. Optimize your content for search

Other than FYF, TikTok videos can be discovered via search. When you add TikTok likes from authentic sources and optimize your content for search results, you can more quickly boost your engagement rate. When users find your videos with lots of likes on the top result, they tend to click on your posts and enjoy them.

Optimizing your TikTok videos for search can improve your possibility of being discovered naturally by users with certain interests. To optimize your content, add relevant keywords in your video description, and caption, and include trending hashtags.

Moreover, invest in innovative technologies like a smartphone tripod or stabilizer to reduce shakiness and blurriness. Inaudible sound, poor lighting, or shaky videos can turn your viewers to other accounts. Use trusted editing software or tools to add special audio and visual effects. Try to keep a perfect balance between quality and authenticity.

  1. Monitor your analytics

Use TikTok analytics to get valuable insights into your users’ preferences and behavior. Regular monitoring and analysis of these analytics will allow you to get a complete understanding of what works and what doesn’t for your audience.


Now that you have a complete understanding of the TikTok algorithm, how it works, and tips to improve your possibilities of going viral on the platform, start implementing the best content practices. The tactics enlisted above are highly effective in persuading the algorithm and encouraging viewers to subscribe to your channel and watch your videos.

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