Find Location of Samsung Phone With Ease by Discovering How to Do It


How to Track a Samsung Phone

Samsung is a South Korean firm that’s currently the leading smartphone vendor in the world. This company manufactures exquisite devices that are not only affordable but also well-designed. If you’re interested in tracking someone else’s Samsung phone, there are several methods you can try. Read on to unearth how you can track a Samsung phone discreetly.

Reasons to Track Someone’s Samsung Phone Location

There are several reasons that could prompt you to monitor another person’s Samsung phone. These include:

1. To Protect Your Kids From Online Predators and Cyberbullies

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to safeguard your children from digital perils. Monitoring their phone can help you discover whether they’re chatting with strangers online.

2. To Locate a Lost Device

If you recently misplaced your Samsung phone, tracking it can help pinpoint its exact location on a map. Once you’re familiar with its whereabouts, retrieving it becomes a walk in the park.

3. To Find Out if Your Partner Is Cheating

Perhaps you suspect that your spouse is having an affair based on their peculiar behaviors or frequent white lies. Checking their phone to find location of Samsung phone can help ascertain whether or not they’re cheating.

Phonsee — Your Best Way to Locate Samsung

Phonsee is a brilliant mobile phone monitoring app that contains a plethora of impressive tracking features, making it highly recommended by parents and other users across the globe.

This tool is arguably the best Samsung phone location tracker. Apart from being remarkably easy to install, Phonsee is quite affordable and works in invisible mode to avoid spooking your loved ones.

It’s also equipped with an assortment of useful features that include:

● GPS tracking – This feature allows you to view your target user’s real-time location on a map. You’re also provided with their route history over a specified period.

● Geo-fencing tool – You can conveniently set virtual boundaries on a map and get alerted whenever your child ventures into “danger zones” or outside “safe zones”.

Phonsee also comes with some powerful functionalities that include social media monitoring, call log viewing, browsing history tracking and app blocking, view text messages sent and received.

How to Install Phonsee

Installing Phonsee is an easy process that can be completed within 10 minutes or less. Here’s a step-by-step procedure on how to install this dedicated tracking app:

1. Visit using your favorite PC browser.

2. Create an account using your valid email and password.

3. Choose your preferred subscription plan from the list and complete payment.

4. Check your mailbox for a welcome email with detailed installation instructions.

5. Follow the provided guidelines to set up Phonsee on the target device.

6. Sign in to your Phonsee account and start monitoring your loved one’s phone remotely.

Delightfully, this app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It also offers new users a free demo version to help them get a feel of how Phonsee operates.

Use Find My Mobile for Samsung

You might be wondering: can you track a Samsung phone after it’s stolen? Well, Find My Mobile is a free tool that could help you find your device’s current location. This app can also be used to erase all data and lock the phone remotely.

To configure this feature, simply log into the Samsung account associated with the target device. Next, enable Location Settings and activate Find My Mobile. Navigate to the Home screen and click on the “Settings” icon, then scroll down. Select the option labeled “Biometrics and security” (it may also appear as “Security” or “Lock screen & security”).

Once you’ve completed this process, tap the “Find My Mobile” toggle ON to enable it. You could also opt to activate “Remote unlock” and “Send last location” in case you’re looking for a Samsung device that’s not connected to the internet.

Using Find My Device

An alternative feature you could use is Find My Device. It’s supported by Google, meaning that any Android-powered Samsung device can utilize this feature. If you’re wondering how to track a Samsung phone, here’s how you can locate your device using Find My Device:

1. Launch your browser of choice and head to

2. Log into your Google account and select the Samsung gadget that you’d like to locate.

3. Wait for Google to find your phone. If successful, you’ll view the phone’s location displayed on a map.


Anyone can track a Samsung phone using the simple techniques elucidated above. Now that you’re familiar with locating another person’s device, make sure you put this newly-acquired skill to good use. We highly recommend Phonsee for all your monitoring needs – it’s fast, reliable and offers great value for money.

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