Cyber Security Essay: Topics and Tips to Write a Stellar Paper


Cyber security has become exceedingly important over the last two decades. If countries are not trading accusations and counter-accusations over the violation of their online spaces, they’re strategizing how to keep attackers at bay. Countries with the best cyber defenses thrive, while unprepared ones suffer massive losses annually. But in the era where computers have literally taken over all facets of our lives, keeping safe from hackers and other crooked spies has never been more important. The subject has attracted massive attention online, with millions of articles exploring it. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that you’re looking for help with a cyber security essay. This short piece will provide all the assistance you need. It covers industry secrets, tips, and tricks from top cyber security professionals to help you write an essay on cyber security effectively. Read on to stay ahead of the pack.

Choosing Captivating Cyber Security Essay Topics

There are uncountable cyber security essay topics to choose from. Since the subject is highly contested, many issues arise daily that you can explore in your papers. However, not all topics will generate interest or add value to the debate. So, how do you go about choosing a befitting theme or subject for your essay? Here are a few tips:

  • Relevance: You can write just about anything if it’s germane. You want to explore something that’s to the point and benefits your audience. Readers don’t appreciate their time wasted. Therefore, both your topic and contents must align lest they feel cheated.
  • Trending: We now live in the age of #tags. Computer algorithms control what you see, when you see them, and how you see them. If you’re committed to your work, you should always consider and research current trends to maximize the impact of your paper.
  • Passion: As already noted, there are numerous issues in computer security that you can write about. But not all ideas will interest you. Therefore, it’s advisable that you align with the topics you feel more passionate about. For example, it could be the nexus between data protection and cyber security, government involvement and cyber security, social engineering and cyber security, artificial intelligence and cyber security, cybersecurity laws and regulations and cyber landscape, and hacking and cyber security. Know where you lean and formulate a solid topic to explore.

From Beginner to Pro: How to Write a Stellar Essay on Cyber Security      

Now that we’ve explored topic selection, let’s delve into the nitty gritty of essay writing on cyber security. Below are six critical tips to get you started:

  • Background research. Solid essays benefit from thorough research work. Yours should be no exception. Remember you’re not the first person to write about the topic. There could be thousands if not millions of papers on it. So, how do you want to convince your audience to read past your introduction? Stay ahead of the curve. Read widely and determine what other authors have explored in their works. Find the gaps, the points of weakness to exploit, and the strengths to build upon. Additionally, carrying out thorough research gives you a balanced perspective. This is vital because it limits biasness. Readers are often uninterested in reading opinion pieces masquerading as research papers. Therefore, incorporate relevant and credible citations in your work, backing every claim you make.
  • Solid essay structure. At this stage, you probably know the basic structure of an essay – introduction, body, and conclusion. While there are numerous variations based on an essay’s length, this fundamental formation remains the same. Ensure that your writing respects these basics, minimizing the chances of having a head or tail-heavy paper. For example, a two page essay should not have an introduction that exceeds 150 words, otherwise it becomes head-heavy. On the other hand, you can afford writing 250 words on a longer paper of 10 or more pages. Balance is critical in this case. However, if you’re unsure of what to do, you can seek help and order essay by CustomWritings which has assisted numerous students with similar challenges. Reach out to them and you’ll never regret it.
  • Coherence. Having a free-flowing paper is even more critical than adhering to structural integrity. There is no benefit to having a well-structured work with a disjointed flow of ideas. As an argumentative essay, each section should usher your readers to the next seamlessly. Your paragraphs should gel and project the same messages and emotions, otherwise it becomes difficult for readers to follow the logical progression of your thoughts and may lead to confusion or disinterest. Remember that even word choice plays a significant role in the overall flow of your essay. If you do this right, you not only demonstrate clarity and organization in your writing, but also exhibit your ability to communicate effectively.
  • Case studies. You can strengthen your arguments by adding some case studies and examples while also spicing it up in the process. There are so many real-world cyber security issues to work with. For example, breaches that led to huge financial losses, data theft, or system failures. The importance of creativity to essay writing cannot be over-emphasized. However, crafting an essay on cyber security is more about being factual than creative. As such, you must ground it on real stories.
  • Balance. Your papers can also benefit from balanced arguments. You don’t need to convince your audience to adopt your stand by ignoring opposing voices. Instead, you should address them and provide solid counterarguments. This way, your audiences will understand why it’s better to be on your side, while at the same time respecting you as a person. You can write a short note to keep you on track by ensuring that each opposing view is countered effectively.   
  • Solid conclusion. Be sure to write a paragraph that recaps all your arguments. Some readers are impatient and will always skip to the conclusion to understand what an essay is about. Take that opportunity to grab their attention, and, if possible, maintain it. Your conclusion should be nothing less than a sucker punch that delivers a rush of adrenalin and awakening to them.    

Cyber Security Essays Are All About Structure and Coherence!

As discussed in the article, a good essay is all about adhering to the basics. Have a solid structure and make a coherent argument. However, if you want to stand out, you must demonstrate cyber security awareness by incorporating real world examples in your work. Additionally, carry out thorough research to know what’s relevant, accurate, and valid to use. If you follow the tips above, you’ll be on your way to writing a winning paper in English.

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