Benefits of Telegram clients and Best Telegram client


People can’t stop arguing about using Telegram clients. On the one hand, it seems like Telegram is somewhat of a perfect app for communication. It has all the necessary features one needs to chat and store information for both professional and personal aims. What is more, Telegram has also recently launched its premium subscription, which is designed to give its users even more opportunities. However, Telegram clients have launched some of these premium features earlier than the official app itself. The majority of these third-party apps don’t even make you pay for the services. This fact really makes Telegram clients worth trying. Nowadays, the variety of them is impressive. Choosing the best Telegram client which would comply with all your needs and requirements is challenging. There are several ways to find a perfect solution for you. For example, you can download Nicegram, to test some innovative features alternative apps can provide.

Better usability

Telegram is trying to provide its users with a great number of customization features. In spite of the fact that there are a lot of changes you can make to the interface of the official app, third-part clients will give you even more. Of course, different clients contain various features. On the majority of them, you can easily change basic parameters such as the background, fonts, layouts, color pallets and icons. Some of the exclusive design options are also available there. You can express all your creativity and make your messenger unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Pin more chats

You might have already faced the situation when you have to talk to many people at the same time. Sometimes, important chats can get lost because you can’t see them among a great number of other different chats. The official app is trying to fight this problem by giving the users the opportunity to pin 5 chats. But let’s face it. This number is far too small for people who use Telegram at work and in their personal life. Telegram clients, such as Nicegram, Telegram Plus and Telegram X, will give you the opportunity to pin more than 50 chats at once.

Create more accounts

Again, if you use Telegram for different aims, you might need a lot of accounts. The developers of the official app are perfectly aware of that. That’s why they’ve decided to give users the opportunity to create at least three different accounts. If you want to have even more of them, let’s say 20, you can try alternative apps, such as Vidogram or Telegram X.

Better management

Sometimes it’s difficult to manage all the conversations and channels on Telegram. Here, the clients can significantly improve your experience. Some of them, for example Telegram Plus, will give you the opportunity to divide your chats into different categories. The categories are much more convenient than traditional folders. If you want to see some channel in a separate category only, you can delete it from your main feed. This feature is unavailable on the official app.

Other perks

Telegram is meant to be a perfect messenger which contains some of the features of traditional social media. However, we use Telegram so often, that it would be nice to be able to find some of the necessary funky features right there. Third-party apps have a lot of interesting features which will make the usage of different services much more convenient and enjoyable. For example, iMe Messenger has an ingrained crypto wallet. So, you don’t have to look for it anywhere else.

We use Telegram very often, that’s a fact. However, Telegram clients can actually enhance your experience and give you access to some premium features.

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