7 Most Popular Soft Drinks


Soda consumption remains a big business in the modern world. The fact is that many generations of people are used to considering soft drinks as something ordinary and an excellent option for a picnic or party. However, not all sodas are equally popular. Here are seven of the most popular soft drinks that you will surely find in your local supermarket.

1.   Coca-Cola

Can you believe this soda was first introduced in 1886? Coca-Cola was originally sold in pharmacies, but now any party is associated with this drink. Despite some recipe changes, Coca remains one of the most popular soft drinks in the world. Millions of people buy this black, sweet soda in gallons and don’t even think to stop. Part of this popularity is due to an excellent marketing campaign and a unique lineup.

Diet Coke

This sugar-free analog was invented in America in the early 80s as a counterpart to Coca-Cola. The fact is that at that time, a healthy lifestyle and refusal from excessive sugar consumption were actively promoted. That is why the new drink has gained considerable popularity in just a couple of years, not only among students busy checking human custom reviews, but those who are concerned about a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, the original taste has not changed much, despite the faded aftertaste. Cola fans claim that the taste is slightly less intense but still more interesting than the competition. Overall, this is a good option for those looking after their health but still wanting to drink soda. However, this does not mean that you can drink gallons of Diet Coke every day.

2.   Pepsi

Many people think that Pepsi is not much different from Coca when it comes to taste. But this is not true. The fact is that Caleb Bradham invented this carbonated drink as a medicine to help fight digestion problems. Since 1893, this soft drink has gained considerable popularity in the United States and around the world. Today, many parties are not complete without the soda, and Pepsi is one of the undisputed leaders.

3.   7-Up

7-Up lemon-flavored non-alcohol drink, which became very popular in 1920. Millions of people throughout America and other countries love 7-Up because of its delicate lemon aftertaste and excellent tonic qualities. However, unlike the first two leaders on the list, this soft drink is being promoted as an alternative to classic flavors that need to be refined for a long time.

The brand is quite successful in alternating lemon and lime batches of drinks, thanks to which it remains popular among teenagers. Imagine how nice it is to hide in the shade of trees from the heat and have fun with friends, forgetting about college or other duties. You can delegate your assignments to a reliable writing service to enjoy each day, but don’t forget to check paperhelp reviews first. As you can see, just a couple of minutes separates you from a pleasant pastime with your friends.

4.   Mountain Dew

If you love citrus-flavored soda, then Mountain Dew is what you need. The fact is that it is one of the oldest soft drinks owned by Pepsi. The fact is that the company decided to expand its spheres of influence and registered a brand that became very popular in 1958.

5.   Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper is a drink that is very different from the competition. The fact is that the brand owners initially decided to make something unique. So this is why you can choose from 23 fruit flavors at your local supermarket. Moreover, this soft drink has remained practically unchanged since 1885 in terms of the recipe. That is why you can enjoy the soda that your great-grandfather or great-grandmother probably drank. You may find at least three favorite flavors from the entire line of the company.

6.   Sprite

Coca-Cola is a company that has never stood aside from trends. So one day, the owners decided that the new citrus-flavored soft drink should become an alternative to the current soda on the market. That is why Sprite was officially introduced in 1961. This delicate and colorless drink perfectly tones the body and allows you to invigorate.

Plus, Sprite is very different from the classic Cola, so fans of the brand have a wide variety of drinks to choose from, depending on their mood. Some of the brand’s haters feel that Sprite doesn’t deserve its popularity. But the annual sales show that people love the original recipe.

7.   Fanta

You will be surprised, but this drink was invented during World War II in Germany. However, Fanta is owned by the Coca-Cola Company. This soda with five percent fruit juice is a unique drink practically unparalleled on the market. The main feature is syrup. The company carefully hides the recipe, so competitors cannot replicate the ideal fruity taste and citrus notes. Most likely, you have bought this drink at a local store at least once. A huge plus is that the original taste is difficult to fake. That is why Fanta tastes the same in every country.

Why Are These Drinks Still Popular Today?

Many companies have tried to replicate the success of Coca-Cola and other brands. But the problem is that people are very conservative when it comes to soda choices. Would you like to spend weeks tasting soft drinks hoping to find something delicious? Most likely, you will buy a product that you know well.

Plus, industry leaders are spending millions of dollars to keep up with demand. So this is why you are unlikely to see new drinks in the next 20-30 years. The fact is that this market is overflowing with competitors, and the new brand will drown out hundreds of other companies.

Final Words

As you can see, these seven soft drinks have been extremely popular for decades. Some recipes were invented over 120 years ago! That is why you should consider all the options and try every drink. You can probably find the most interesting option that suits your taste preferences. But keep in mind that drinking too much soda can dramatically increase your blood sugar levels. Limited consuming drinks will allow you to enjoy a great aftertaste without harming your body.

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