3 Ways to Transfer Google Drive to Dropbox [Simple & Free]


Why Transfer Google Drive Files to Dropbox?

As far as we know, Google Drive is generous to free users as it offers 15 GB of free space to begin with. Even though Google Drive is known for supporting a large number of files, many people turn to Dropbox for the following reasons:

  • Dropbox uses the block sync method. Instead of downloading and uploading entire files, Dropbox simply saves and syncs changes to files. This is much faster than Google’s synchronization method.
  • The manner in which Google Drive handles version control is that it stores up to 100 file revisions or 30 days per file, which count toward your total storage. However, Dropbox keeps unlimited versions of your files for 30 days, and they don’t count toward the total storage.
  • Your Google Drive storage is full and you don’t want to upgrade right now, migrating Google Drive to Dropbox is your best bet for more free cloud space.
  • Create a backup of your Google Drive files in case you lose your data.

3 Methods to Transfer Google Drive to Dropbox

There are many ways to implement Google Drive to Dropbox migration. Here we would like to share two most common and 1 most advanced solutions for this operation.

Solution 1. Download and Upload

Despite which cloud storage you use, the upload and download features for data transfer are always available, and Google Drive is no exception. To migrate Google Drive to Dropbox, you need to download files from Google Drive to your local PC one by one and then upload them to your Dropbox. Let’s see the detailed steps below.

Step 1. Log in Google Drive.

Step 2. Select files you want to download and click Download button to save these files to your local PC.

Step 3. Log in to your Dropbox account, click Upload files or Upload folder to manually upload these files from your local computer to Dropbox.

Tip: Despite the fact that this way can help move files stored on Google Drive to Dropbox, depending on your network speed, it would take much time and effort. So, if your network environment is poor, then this method is not suitable for you.

Solution 2. Use Google Takeout

You can also rely on Google Takeout, a data retrieval platform that can help you export and download a copy of various types of data currently stored in your Google account, to move Google Drive to Dropbox. This tool allows you to download all data at once.

Step 1. Navigate to Google Takeout, click on Deselect all and tick the checkbox on the right side of Drive, then tap on Next Step.

Step 2. Set the delivery method as Add to Dropbox, and then choose the wanted file type and size. After everything is set successfully, click Link accounts and create export to transfer data from Google Drive to Dropbox.

Tip: Google Takeout set limitations on file sizes to 50 GB maximum archive data. And it only allows you to archive data files a limited number of times: 2 to 3 profiles per day, and a maximum of 7 per week.

Solution 3. Rely on Professional Cloud Migration Tool

How to transfer files from Google Drive to Dropbox without downloading? Luckily, the free cloud backup and sync utility – CBackup can be a great helper. With a cloud to cloud sync function, you can rely upon this software to move data from Google Drive to Dropbox directly without downloading and uploading.

What makes CBackup the best Google Drive to Dropbox migration tool? Check the followings:

  • Perform cloud file transfer such as documents, images, photos, music, and videos from one cloud to another directly, like from Dropbox to Google Drive, and vice versa.
  • Sync files across multiple clouds seamlessly, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, FTP/SFTP, etc.
  • Manage all clouds in one place, and backup/sync PC files and folders to clouds for protection.
  • CBackup does not have any limit to the file size as well as file type you transfer.
  • Keep the folder structure and modification date the same, ensure data intact.

Now, you can transfer all Google Drive files to Dropbox without downloading referring to the below steps:

Step 1. Log in

To make use of CBackup, you need to first sign up free for it with your email address.

Step 2. Add Google Drive and Dropbox

Click the My Storage button on the left size, and click Add Cloud add and authorize Google Drive and Dropbox to CBackup.

Note: You are allowed to add one cloud at one time, but you can repeat the “Add Cloud” operation to add unlimited cloud accounts to CBackup.

Step 3. Transfer from Google Drive to Dropbox with downloading

Go to Sync Tasks > New Task, then click Add Source to select Google Drive as the source and Add Destination to pick Dropbox as the destination, and tap Start Sync to complete the task.

Tip: You can set up scheduled Google Drive to Dropbox transfer using the Scheduler feature in CBackup’s settings. There are 4 auto sync modes accessible – One Time only, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Besides, you can enable Email Notifications and File Filter to manage the task more easily.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about 3 solutions on how to transfer from Google Drive to Dropbox. It is not hard to see that migrating files from Google Drive to Dropbox without downloading can be an easy job with CBackup. And if you want to do cloud migrate across other clouds like OneDrive, FTP/SFTP, and so on, you can also directly rely on CBackup.

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