White-label payment processors: what to look for


Digital payments have skyrocketed in recent years due to eCommerce’s popularity. By 2027, these transactions will likely top $15 trillion.

Offering integrated payments as part of their products allows ISVs and SaaS firms to build their client base.

Most ISVs lack the skills and resources to offer merchant services. Here comes white-label payment processing.  

A white-label payment processor: What is it?

White label payment processing involves branding a third-party payment gateway and/or other payment technologies. ISVs, SaaS companies, and others use white-label payment processors.

The white-label payment processor builds and maintains the payments infrastructure while letting ISVs brand the checkout, payment, and dashboard pages with their brand names, colors, logos, and content.

Consumers will think the ISV that renamed it offers the payment service. No evidence will imply a third party is engaged in payment. 

Payment service providers used to let ISOs or merchant acquirers “resell” their payment gateways and other merchant services. ISOs, ISVs, and acquirers may white-label and market these services.

This expands their offers and gives them more payment control. They also generate extra money while the white-label payment processor handles development and maintenance. 

Why Use White-Label Payment Processing?

White-label payment processing helps ISVs and SaaS providers offer payments in their integrated solutions. Look at some of them.

  1. Cost-effective and quick

A white-label payment processor provides APIs, applications, or plugins that interface fast and smoothly with their software to give the payment processing functionality they require, making it a better alternative. 

  1. Security and compliance needs

The payments business prioritizes security. Payment solution providers must comply with regulations and PCI and avoid fraud. With white labeling, ISVs can relax knowing their payment partner handles these details.

  1. Extra income

Partnering with a white-label payment processor allows ISVs to extend their capabilities and generate more income.

  1. Key skill

White-labeling saves ISVs time and risk in new domains. Instead, businesses may concentrate on their strengths and provide a variety of solutions to suit consumer demands.

White-Label Payment Processing Partner Selection Considerations 

Before picking a white-label payment partner, consider these factors. This will ensure you can satisfy client demands. You should investigate this.

  1. Customization options

This is vital because you must manage branding. Check your brand logo, color scheme, font, etc. adjustments.

  1. Businesses you can collaborate with

White-label payment gateway solutions allow you greater control over the payment process, but providers may restrict your partners. 

  1. Banks or acquirers they use

Choose a payment platform with long-term sponsorship or acquire bank relationships to provide your consumers with a pleasant payment experience. 

  1. Compliance and security

Make sure your partner follows PCI DSS and other rules in the sectors and countries you wish to deal with. 

  1. Payment alternatives supported

Your white-label processing partner should accept many payment methods and currencies for end-users. Find out whether they accept online payments, digital wallets (Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal), invoicing, recurring billing, payment links, and QR code payments, as well as all major credit and debit cards. 

  1. Client support 

Ensure your white-label payment processing partner has 24/7 customer service, including live chat. 

White-Label Payment Processing Advances

For a white-label payment processing partner that meets all your needs, choose Akurateco. Their knowledge and capacity enable them to create the finest payment infrastructure that supports many payment methods and simplifies risk management.

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