Top 5 Best Open Source Threat Intelligence Feeds


1. VirusTotal:

VirusTotal provides as a free service a public API that allows for automation of some of its online features such as antivirus scanners, blacklisting services, and other tools to analyze and extract data from files and URLs submitted by users. In addition, Users can access finished scan reports and make automatic comments on URLs and samples. Also, this service can be used to quickly check incidents.

2. SANS Internet Storm Center:

The Internet Storm Center a branch of the SANS Technology Institute that monitors malicious activity on the Internet, and generates numerous alert systems with respect to security threats. In addition, it collects security information from cooperating sites and agencies for mass analysis. Also, it provides analysis, tools, and forums for security professionals.

3. VirusShare:

VirusShare is an online repository of malware, that provides the VirusShare dataset to security researchers, incident responders, forensic analysts. Also, We can download samples for free.

4. Cisco – Talos Intelligence:

Talos threat intelligence provides a two-way flow of telemetry and protection across market-leading security solutions including Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS), Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), Email Security Appliance (ESA), Cloud Email Security (CES), etc.,

5. Google – Safe Browsing:

The Google Safe Browsing service identifies numerous dangerous websites and shares the information to raise awareness of security risks. Also, Safe Browsing finds thousands of unsafe sites every day, many of which are legitimate sites that have been compromised by hackers.

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Priyadharshini Balaji
A passionate security researcher in Malware and Penetration Testing.


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