Five Movies to Watch on a Lazy Summer Day


Summer holidays have officially come to an end. That does not, however, mean that you can’t enjoy the beautiful sunny weather on the weekends. The refreshing lemonade, the yummy comfort food, and the bright sun rays always help you to relax, take a seat back, and enjoy some fun-filled, soothing summer movies.

Since we are also very fond of watching movies, we thought of conducting a little research of our own and coming up with some timeless movies that you can watch with your friends on a lazy summer weekend. All you need at this point is a good internet connection that can help you stream these movies smoothly without any interruptions. For this, we would suggest you gain access to WOW Internet Español (for Latin Americans) and enjoy ultra-fast speeds at affordable rates.

Now that you are well-prepared to enjoy an entertaining summer weekend at home, you can go ahead and explore the movies that we have mentioned below.

Along for the Ride

The main characters of this movie are Auden and Eli who experience some interesting adventures together. During the summer before college, the young, pretty Auden meets the odd, mysterious Eli who also is suffering from insomnia.

They both confide in each other and as soon as the peaceful town of Colby snoozes off, the two young souls set out on a nightly quest to assist Auden in experiencing the entertaining, fun, casual life she never knew she actually wanted.

No Hard Feelings

On the verge of losing her precious childhood house, a mentally weak woman concurs to date a super-rich couple’s shy, introverted, mysterious teenage son. However, to her surprise, the young boy proves to be more of a troublemaker and a challenge than she had expected. Dealing with his troubles makes, her even more tense and she starts to lose her mind.

About Time

The main character of this movie is Tim Lake who essentially is a twenty-one-year-old boy. His father tells him a big secret that actually changes his life. He tells Tim that the strong men in their family possess the power to travel through time. Even though he can’t alter history, Tim decides to enhance his life by getting a loyal girlfriend.

He instantly meets Mary played by Rachel McAdams and falls for her. He uses time travel to finally win his heart. Nevertheless, as his odd life goes on, Tim discovers that this special power of his can’t protect him and those around him from the issues of ordinary life.

The Kings of Summer

This movie is about three teenage best friends who decide to run away from their boring, dull lives controlled by their dysfunctional parents. These friends ponder over this situation a lot and finally make a combined decision to leave their boring families and build a brand new house in the far-off woods. They become rebellious and take their destiny as well as fate into their own hands.

These three friends become determined to take risks and experience the side of life that they had only seen in the movies. If you are also someone who is stuck at home and bored, then watching this movie will definitely motivate you to go outside and face the challenges of this fast-paced world.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The movie revolves around a socially awkward, introverted teenager named Charlie who is used to watching and experiencing the beauty of life from the sidelines, until two full of life; bright students take up his responsibility and become his mentors.

Independent, easygoing Sam played by Emma Watson and her cunning stepbrother Patrick played by Ezra Miller assist Charlie in finding the little and big joys of friendship, music, life, first love, and much more. Charlie becomes super comfortable with his two senior friends and finds the confidence that he felt was lacking.

He starts to excel in his studies and one of his teachers actually encourages Charlie to become a writer. But, as his new besties prepare to leave school for their respective colleges, Charlie’s inner fry threatens to ruin his newfound zeal and confidence.

Wrapping Up

On a lazy summer day, when you have nothing better to do, just watch the movies that we have mentioned above and you will be good to go. All of these movies are very famous and have ended up winning the hearts of millions of people around the globe. So add these films to your watch list and plan a fun-filled, movie-watching weekend with your besties. Have fun!

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