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Hi everyone, Welcome back to another tech blog. It is not just any blog, it is a most  requested one. I have received many requests from my fellow content creators to review the two popular noise removing tools, i.e., and

Both are popular tools for noise removal and today we are putting them against each other to see which one would win the battle.

So, without delay, let’s begin this battle between and!


Let’s introduce both audio enhancers one by one! is an advanced audio enhancer online powered by AI technology. It enhances the audio by eliminating the noise, clarifying the speech, and improving the sound quality. It enhances the audio according to the content type for more customized output. is a professional AI noise remover and voice enhancer that eliminates noises to make audio professional and polished. It also cleans the sounds to enhance comprehensibility as well as volumizes the audio to make it better sounding and crystal clear. Just like it also optimizes the content quality according to its content type.

How to Use the AI Voice Enhancers?

Both audio enhancer AI and noise removal AI are very simple to use, let’s discuss their working one by one:


  1. Open the AI audio enhancer by visiting
  1. Click on the plus sign “+” in the dialogue box and select the required media file from your PC.
  1. Then you will choose enhancement and the content type based on your enhancement requirements.
  1. Click on the “Enhance Media” button to start the tool.
  1. In a few seconds, the tool will provide the enhanced audio, you can play it and once you’re satisfied, click on the download button to save it on your PC.


  1. Open the noise remover AI by visiting
  1. In the dialogue box, click the “ADD FILE” option and browse the file from your PC.
  1. Next, “choose enhancement” and “select content type” to get more customized output.
  1. To start the processing of the tool click on the “Enhance Media” button.
  1. In a few seconds, the noise will be removed and an enhanced output will be provided, hit the download button to save it on your PC.

So, both tools are quite similar in usage as both perform similar tasks of noise removal. I have used the same audio file for both voice enhancers; the output is freaking identical!

Feature of Both Audio Enhancing Tools:

Let’s compare both tools based on the features they offer!

1.    Automation:

Automation is the ability of a tool to operate automatically. Usually, AI offers complete automation of tools.

Audio enhancer AI and Noise removal AI are automated tools that carry out noise removal automatically without users’ active engagement.

2.    Noise Elimination:

Noise elimination means the removal of all types of noise found in an audio. There are 4 types of noises in audio:

  • Continuous noise – it stays constant in the audio
  • Low-frequency noise – it is particularly less audible but it disturbs the main speech of the audio.
  • Intermittent noise – it increases or decreases over time.
  • Impulsive noise – it is a sudden sharp sound

AI Audio enhancer removes all noises with great efficacy to make audio crystal clear. The noise removal net is a specialized tool for noise reduction that eliminates all the noises to make your audio sound professional and polished.

3.    Audio Quality Enhancement:

Audio quality is enhanced by volumeizing the speech sounds and eliminating the noises. Audio tools enhance audio quality using specialized procedures and make it crisp, clear, and polished.

4.    Equalization:

Equalization means making the audio sound consistent and polished. AI voice enhancers and noise removers both can equalize the audio sounds to make them professional and consistent.

5.    Voice Clarification:

Voice clarification is done by clearing all the phonemic sounds found in the words. When the phonemes are cleared, the audio becomes well-articulated and polished. Both tools perform voice clarification to make audio well-articulated and intelligible.

6.    Context Window:

Context window means how much data a tool can process at a time. The AI voice enhancer can process an audio/video file of about 4GB in size and up to 3 hours in duration. On the other hand, AI noise remover can only process a 5-minute long audio but it can enhance voice recordings for free. 

7.    Processing Time:

Processing time means the time a tool takes to process the data and provide results. Both tools take a few seconds to a couple of minutes to provide exquisite results.

8.    Lyrical Sounds Enhancement:

In the lyrics and music audios, noise reduction is harder as the melodies can be confused with the noises. However, both noise and can accurately remove the noises to make the lyrics and musical audio more entertaining and pleasurable.

How much do these tools cost?


This voice enhancer online can enhance audio/video of 5 minutes duration for free but if you want to enhance larger audios then check the subscription costs below:

SubscriptionCostAccess/monthData per run
Basic$101-hour-long audio/video enhancement1 hour-long audio can be enhanced in a single processing
Pro$455-hours long audio/video enhancement2 hours-long audio can be enhanced in a single processing
Studio$9015-hours long audio/video enhancement3 hours-long audio can be enhanced in a single processing


Noise removal AI is a free audio enhancing tool that can enhance an audio/video file of up to 5 minutes duration for free.


After the comparative analysis of both tools, has gotten the upper hand due to its context size and processing limit. However, despite the low processing limit offers premium noise removal results.

What do you think about these two tools? Share your remarks in the comments below!

See you in another blog next time, bye!

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