Successful AI consulting projects: cases that can inspire you


Artificial intelligence has revolutionized business processes, making them simpler and more efficient through innovative capabilities. However, successful integration of AI into business operations requires specialized expertise. This is why leading market players turn to expert firms like Euristiq for assistance.

We spoke with representatives from Euristiq to understand what ai consulting entails and what benefits it offers to businesses. Based on real-world examples, the experts have illustrated how the business world is inspired to adopt AI solutions.​

What is AI consulting

AI consulting provides professional services designed to assist companies in integrating and utilizing artificial intelligence technologies to achieve strategic goals. The scope of AI consulting services includes:

  • assisting in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data for informed decision-making;
  • developing and implementing machine learning models to automate and enhance business processes;
  • creating solutions to automate routine tasks, allowing employees to focus on strategic initiatives;
  • developing customized AI applications to address specific business challenges.

Benefits of AI consulting for businesses

Let’s explore the key benefits of AI consulting and its impact on business success through specific examples.

Enhancing business processes

AI consulting helps companies optimize their business processes, making them more efficient and effective. For instance, automating routine tasks reduces the time required to complete them and minimizes human errors.

Example: Siemens uses AI to automate manufacturing processes, significantly reducing assembly time and improving product quality.

Increasing efficiency and productivity

Implementing AI solutions enables companies to boost productivity and efficiency, freeing up resources for strategic tasks. AI helps analyze large volumes of data and make more informed decisions.

Example: Amazon employs AI to manage inventory and logistics, reducing delivery times and enhancing customer experience.

Reducing costs and optimizing resources

AI consulting helps companies lower costs through automation and resource optimization, which is crucial in a competitive environment with limited budgets.

Example: Netflix uses AI to optimize data streaming and personalize content, reducing infrastructure costs and enhancing user experience.

Success stories of AI consulting

To help you better understand the benefits of AI consulting, the experts at Euristiq have shared inspiring real-world examples from various industries.


Sephora uses AI to personalize the customer experience. They implemented an AI-based chatbot that helps customers choose cosmetics by providing personalized recommendations. Result: a 20% increase in sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Financial sector

JPMorgan Chase utilizes an AI solution called COiN (Contract Intelligence), which helps analyze legal documents and contracts. The AI system can process 12,000 credit agreements in seconds, a task that used to take 360,000 hours of manual labor. Result: significant reduction in time and costs and fewer errors.


Mayo Clinic uses IBM Watson to analyze medical data and provide treatment recommendations. The AI system aids doctors in diagnosing and selecting optimal treatment plans for patients. Result: a 15% increase in diagnostic accuracy and improved quality of care.


General Electric uses Predix, its AI-based platform, to monitor and optimize manufacturing processes. It analyzes sensor data from equipment and predicts potential failures before they occur. Result: a 25% reduction in unplanned downtime and millions of dollars saved in maintenance and repair costs.

Logistics and Transportation

DHL uses AI to optimize logistics processes and delivery routes. AI systems analyze vast amounts of data on traffic, weather, and orders to plan the most efficient routes. Result: a 15% reduction in delivery time and a 10% decrease in operational costs.

Key success factors in AI consulting projects

The success of AI consulting projects depends on several key factors that must be considered when planning and implementing AI initiatives.

Comprehensive approach to AI implementation

To achieve maximum efficiency, AI implementation should be comprehensive, covering all aspects of the business. It is important to consider both technical and organizational aspects.

Example: Ford integrated AI into its manufacturing processes, marketing, and customer service, which helped the company reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Client interaction and understanding their needs

Successful AI projects start with a deep understanding of client needs and business goals. Consulting firms must work closely with clients to develop solutions that truly address their problems.

Example: PwC works with clients from various industries to develop AI solutions tailored to their specific needs, whether it’s automating routine tasks or analyzing big data for strategic decision-making.

Adapting AI solutions to specific business tasks

Every AI solution should be tailored to the specific tasks and context of the client’s business. One-size-fits-all solutions are rarely effective.

Example: Microsoft develops customized AI solutions for its corporate clients, adapting them to specific business tasks such as supply chain management or demand forecasting.

Training and Developing Employees to Work with New Technologies

For successful AI implementation, it is crucial to provide training and support to employees. They need to understand how to use new tools and technologies to achieve business goals.

Example: AT&T invests in training its employees in AI and data analysis, enabling them to effectively use new technologies and enhance productivity.

Collaborating with AI consulting firms is a significant step towards the digital transformation of your business. Start by analyzing your needs and goals, choose a reliable partner, and begin implementing AI solutions to reach new heights in efficiency and innovation. Success is in your hand!

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