How to Copy Music from iPhone to Computer


When talking about transferring music from iPhone to computer, many users may think of the official iTunes tool. However, with this software, you can choose to back up all libraries (including music) on your iPhone, or to transfer music purchased from your iPhone to your PC.But in fact, there are other tools that do not transfer and buy all the music you bought from iPhone to PC. You can try the following method to copy music from iPhone to computer for free.

The Simple Way to Copy Music from iPhone to Computer

Here we want to introduce a professional iPhone transfer tool – FoneTool – to send music to your iPhone easily. The best software for transferring music from iPhone to computer. It can transfer all iPhone music including music not purchased from iPhone to PC. With an easy-to-use interface, everything can be done in just a few clicks.And here are some features you might want to know:

Fast transfer speed. It provides fast speeds for transferring music from your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer.

Thousands of music can be transmitted in five minutes.Transfer or select music files completely.Unlike iTunes, you can move music files whether you buy or buy as you want.It also allows you to choose your favorite music before you can see the samples and transfer them.

Wide integration. It supports all Windows operating systems including Windows 11 and iOS systems and is compatible with the latest iOS 17.It allows you to extract music from your iPhone 15 to your Windows PC on a trial.

Now you can download and install this free software by going to its official website and learn how to transfer music from your iPhone to your Windows 10 / 11 PC.

How to Copy Music from iPhone to Computer via FoneTool

Step 1. Download and Install FoneTool:

Visit the official website of FoneTool and download the software for your PC. When the download finishes, follow the simple instructions to install the freeware on your computer.

Step 2. Connect Your iPhone to PC:

Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to your PC. Ensure that your iPhone is unlocked and trusts the connected computer.

Step 3.  Launch FoneTool:

Open FoneTool on your PC. The software will automatically detect your connected iPhone. Tap “Trust”on your iPhone to proceed.

Step 4. Select Music Transfer:

In FoneTool, navigate to the “Phone Transfer” feature, choose “iPhone to PC”. This will allow you to manage and transfer photos from your iPhone.

Step 5. Choose Music to Transfer:

Browse through your iPhone’s music library and select the music you want to transfer. You can choose specific music or entire folders. Click “OK

Step 6. Start the Transfer Process:

You can change the destination to save your iPhone music from “Transfer Settings”. Once you’ve checked everything, click on the “Start Transfer” button to begin the process. FoneTool will securely transfer the selected photos from your iPhone to your PC.

Step 7. Check Transferred Music:

After the transfer is complete, navigate to the specified folder on your PC to view the transferred music. Ensure that all the music have been transferred correctly and are in their original quality.

Here’s how to use FoneTool to transfer music from iPhone to computer for free and unlimited.Now you can go to the backup route and listen to music with the installed player.If you need to use iTunes for backup, see the following:
Note: FoneTool also allows you to transfer music from your computer to your iPhone without deleting data. Simply click Transfer to iPhone option.


You now know how to transfer music from iPhone to PC for free using the best software. But who’s the best? FoneTool is the best free program for copying music from iPhone to computer. It provides the fastest speed and easiest interface for downloading music from iPhone to PC.
It allows you to transfer music files, images, videos, etc., which you can choose between your iPhone and computer, and listen to music without previous restoration. It is also a great iPhone backup tool that will help to protect your data at any time. Go and download FoneTool! Would this guide help you? You can share it to help more people.

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